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Journal Publications

Forbat, L.,. McManus, E,. Haraldsdottir, E,. (2012). The Implications of end-of-life care for the family: Findings from a qualitative study. Journal of Contemporary Family Therapy, 34,2 , p282–292

Partridge M., Fallon M., Bray C., McMillan D., Brown D., Laird B., (2012) Prognostication in Advanced Cancer; A Study Examining an Inflammation-Based Score. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. 44, 2, p161-167.

Gray H., Adam J., Brown D., McLaughlin P. , Hill V., Wilson L. (2011) Visiting all hours: a focus group study on staff’s views of open visiting in a hospice, International Journal of Palliative Nursing 17, 11, p. 552- 560

Haraldsdottir E. (2011). The Palliative Care Research Society: facilitating research in the UK.  European Journal of Palliative Care, 18, 6, p305-307.

Haraldsdottir E. (2011). The constraints of the ordinary: ‘being with’ in the context of end- of-life nursing care. International Journal of Palliative Care Nursing, 17, 5,p 245-250.

Haraldsdottir, E., Clark, P., and Scott, M. (2010). Health-promoting palliative care arrives in Scotland, European Journal of Palliative Care, 17,3, p130-132.

Worth A., Irshad T.,Bhopal R., Brown D., Lawton J.,Grant E.,Murray S., Kendall M., Adam J., Gardee R., Sheikh A.( 2009) Vulnerability and access to care for South Asian Sikh and Muslim patients with life limiting illness in Scotland: prospective longitudinal qualitative study British Medical Journal,338:b183 doi10.1136/bmj.b183  

Cooper L., Gary H., Adam J., Brown D., McLaughlin P., Watson J (2008) Open all hours: a qualitative exploration of open visiting in a hospice. International Journal of Palliative Care Nursing 14,7 p. 334-341.

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Poster Presentations

J Logan, A Ojera, R Namwanga, R Katusabe, L Nabirye, E Haraldsdottir, M Leng, L Grant, J Downing: The Uganda Palliative Care Nurse leadership Programme: Partnership with a Hospice in the UK

Haraldsdottir E., Munday D., Manak M., Ratcliff C. and Thyle A: Mixed method evaluation of a palliative care project in rural North India

Janice Logan, Margaret Colquhon and Ailsa Espie: Person-centred palliative care education

Linda Blackie, Gail LeMasurier, Siobhan Mack, Anne Robertson and Kim Donaldson: Living with loss – ensuring people with a learning disability are supported through losses in life.

Kim Donaldson and Fiona Cruickshank: Don’t forget about me – developing a person-centred approach to caring for people with dementia within a hospice setting

Haraldsdottir E. and Christie L.: Art and Hospice Care – building a strategic relationship

MNC Educators Group. Palliative Cared Education in Lothian: Does it Measure UP? A Mapping Exercise: Lothian MNC Educators Group

St. Columba’s Hospice End of Life Care Group. ‘Location, Location, Location’ the complexity of Preferred Place of Death

Margaret Colquhoun and Joyce Templeton. Panning for gold: Ensuring an evidence base for end of life decision-making

Kemp R., Hill V. Donaldson K., Adam J., McKay J., Howie E., Wilson L., Brown H., Brown D.: DNACPR – Resuscitating Best Practice: Applying policy to practice in a hospice setting.

Pauline Gibb, Kim Donaldson and Vicky Hill: Adapting to Life after Loss – does counselling in a specialist palliative care unit make a difference?

Carla Galinsky, Kim Donaldson, Michael Paterson, Hazel Sayers: Pause for Thought – a spiritual resource for patients, families, visitors and staff.

Brown D., Partridge M., Adam J. Assessing prognosis in the Hospice: The Views of Nursing Staff

Brown D., Partridge M., Adam J., McMillan D. Prognostication in the Hospice Setting: The Usefulness of the modified Glasgow Prognostic Score

Helen Gray, Joan Adam, Tricia McLaughlin, Lorraine Wilson, Vicky Hill, Duncan Brown. Visiting All Hours? The Views of Hospice Staff on the Visiting Policy