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Report on visit to Harriet Benson Memorial Hospital Lalitpur, Utter Pradesh, India by  Kim Donaldson, practice development facilitator and Lorraine Wilson, community palliative care team leader.

Journal Publications

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Poster and Oral Presentations

Calvard, J. Retrospective Comparative Study of Alfentanil Use within Two Inpatient Units within a Hospice Setting- factors which Affect Prescribing.

15th World Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (2017)

 Haraldsdottir, E., Christie, L., & McArthur, J. P-12 Art and hospice care-building a strategic relationship. BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 5.3, A4-A5.

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J Logan, A Ojera, R Namwanga, R Katusabe, L Nabirye, E Haraldsdottir, M Leng, L Grant, J Downing: The Uganda Palliative Care Nurse leadership Programme: Partnership with a Hospice in the UK

Haraldsdottir E., Munday D., Manak M., Ratcliff C. and Thyle A: Mixed method evaluation of a palliative care project in rural North India

Janice Logan, Margaret Colquhon and Ailsa Espie: Person-centred palliative care education

Linda Blackie, Gail LeMasurier, Siobhan Mack, Anne Robertson and Kim Donaldson: Living with loss – ensuring people with a learning disability are supported through losses in life.

Kim Donaldson and Fiona Cruickshank: Don’t forget about me – developing a person-centred approach to caring for people with dementia within a hospice setting

Haraldsdottir E. and Christie L.: Art and Hospice Care – building a strategic relationship

MNC Educators Group. Palliative Cared Education in Lothian: Does it Measure UP? A Mapping Exercise: Lothian MNC Educators Group

St. Columba’s Hospice End of Life Care Group. ‘Location, Location, Location’ the complexity of Preferred Place of Death

Margaret Colquhoun and Joyce Templeton. Panning for gold: Ensuring an evidence base for end of life decision-making

Kemp R., Hill V. Donaldson K., Adam J., McKay J., Howie E., Wilson L., Brown H., Brown D.: DNACPR – Resuscitating Best Practice: Applying policy to practice in a hospice setting.

Pauline Gibb, Kim Donaldson and Vicky Hill: Adapting to Life after Loss – does counselling in a specialist palliative care unit make a difference?

Carla Galinsky, Kim Donaldson, Michael Paterson, Hazel Sayers: Pause for Thought – a spiritual resource for patients, families, visitors and staff.

Brown D., Partridge M., Adam J. Assessing prognosis in the Hospice: The Views of Nursing Staff

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Helen Gray, Joan Adam, Tricia McLaughlin, Lorraine Wilson, Vicky Hill, Duncan Brown. Visiting All Hours? The Views of Hospice Staff on the Visiting Policy