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Friends of St Columba's Hospice

In 1977, our doors were opened by our founders Ann Weatherill and Dr Derek Doyle. They had a vision to help people live until they die, in an environment with specialist end of life care and support for families and loved ones.

The Hospice was opened after many years of hard work and fundraising. At that time we had enough money in the bank to provide our services for just three months.

During those three months, more funds were raised to enable the Hospice to remain open. Over the last four decades, we have been incredibly grateful to be on the receiving end
of the public’s generosity and have been funded by charitable donations since 1977.

These donations ensure that we can provide the care and support patients and their families need. The donations given to us are used to pay for our services – that is the nurses that care for patients; the equipment and medications needed to ease pain; the ingredients used to make meals for patients; the arts and crafts materials used in creative therapy sessions in day hospice and much, much more.

This year, as we mark 40 years of our care and support, we are launching our Friends
of St Columba’s Hospice initiative.

How the Friends of St Columba’s Hospice help

Many people who have been giving a regular donation to the Hospice have already become Friends of St Columba’s Hospice, and now is the time for you to join and become our Friend.

Regular gifts to the Hospice help us in so many ways, and your regular gift helps us to know how much money we have to spend on care and services. By becoming a Friend of St Columba’s Hospice, you are helping us to ensure that the physical, psychological, social and spiritual care we provide can continue for the very many people who will require our services in the future.

You can chose how much your regular gift will be, and a gift can be given as frequently as you choose – from £5 a month, £50 a quarter or £500 a year – it’s up to you. By setting up a direct debit to the Hospice, your gift will automatically be transferred from your bank account, and you can change it easily at any time.

It costs £22,000 a day to provide our services, all of which are free of charge. Without the kindness of people like you, we simply couldn’t help patients and families.

When you become a Friend of St Columba’s Hospice, we’ll send you:

  • a welcome letter and pack
  • a car sticker for you to highlight your support for the Hospice
  • a yearly update on how much money you have donated and what that money has helped us to achieve*
  • a copy of Life magazine, three times a year, so you can read about all the latest news, stories and updates from the Hospice*.

*You will only receive updates from us through the post if you have chosen not to opt-out of receiving mail from the Hospice. You can change your preferences at any time.

How your regular gift is spent

Friends of St Columba's Hospice

Friends of St Columba's Hospice

Friends of St Columba's Hospice

You can find out more about fundraising for St Columba’s Hospice here.