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Gifts of goods and services

Like many organisations we benefit greatly from gifts in kind which we are extremely grateful for. These are gifts of products or services which are gifted by supporters to offset the cost to the Hospice of buying equipment or delivering our service.

We would ask anyone who is considering offering a non-cash gift to contact us beforehand. We can only accept gifts which we need or are able to use and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss anything you are considering gifting so that we can avoid any potential disappointment.

If your gift is not something which we are able to use in the Hospice, it may be an option to use your gift as a raffle prize at one of our fundraising events, or it could be used to raise vital funds through one of our shops. These are both important ways that we can raise funds to support the running costs of the organisation.

Donation Bank

We now have a donation bin outside the Hospice, where you can drop off your donations of clothing, towels, sheets, shoes, curtains and blankets. If you’re making a donation whilst the Hospice reception is open, please pop in and ask for a donation bag, or please use your own carrier bag to put your items in the donation bin.


If the gift you would like to donate is a piece of artwork, we have a committee comprising staff, volunteers and relatives which is responsible for the selection of artwork within the Hospice. The committee’s brief was informed by research findings into suitable artwork for a palliative care setting and through our own research with patients, families and staff. We would be happy to discuss this brief with you. Please contact us on 0131 55 11381 if you wish to discuss art donations.

Gifts in Memoriam

Due to the nature of our work we are often offered gifts in memory of former patients, or volunteers who were close to the organisation. We are hugely appreciative of these donations and welcome these, however please note we are unable to display gifts with plaques as some patients and families can find this upsetting.

House clearances

We offer a personalised and sensitive service to clear houses, at what can often be a very difficult time. Please contact Sarah Munro on 0131 555 0625 for more details.