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Day Hospice

The Day Hospice is a nurse-led service where our experienced palliative care nurses provide holistic support and management of symptoms for patients. Patients are assessed and care is planned on an individual basis. We can also offer advice and support for your family/carers.

While attending the Day Hospice you will remain under the care of your GP. We will liaise with your GP and District Nurse, as appropriate, to ensure continuity of care. Your Day Hospice nurse may refer you to another member of the hospice multi disciplinary team for advice or support if they feel it would be of benefit to you.

We are open on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10.00am -3.00pm. We will arrange for a volunteer driver to pick you up from home in the morning and to take you home again in the afternoon. The majority of patients attend once a week but this will be reviewed on a regular basis. Refreshments and lunch are available at no cost to the patient.

Referral to the Day Hospice should be made by the doctor or nurse looking after you. However we would also ask that your GP has agreed to our involvement before we can accept the referral.

If you require any further information or would like to come for an informal visit please contact us on

0131 551 1381

and ask for a member of the Day Hospice Team.