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June is a member of the flower team at the Hospice

June Ramage has been a volunteer at the Hospice for 29 years. June spent 20 years as a reception volunteer, and has spent the last nine years as part of the flower team.

IMG_6469June’s dad was an inpatient at the Hospice 30 years ago, he was able to go home for his final weeks and June’s family cared for him. June says: “I felt it was only right to give something back as the doctors and nurses had looked after Dad so well and took away his dreadful pain, so I decided to volunteer my time. Over the years my Dad, Mum and sister and many others were looked after by the Hospice, their pain and anxiety taken away. Our family were also looked after and helped us to cope at the end of my dad’s life.”

Initially, June joined the reception team as June’s experience working for the Scotsman Publications was similar to the role – meeting people at reception, answering phone calls and admin.

After 20 years, it was time for a change and now June is one of 41 volunteers who make up our flower team.

June’s role is to create fresh flower arrangements for the public areas of the Hospice. “I absolutely love flowers of all kinds and it can be a challenge to do these arrangements when sometimes you do not know which kind of flowers await you. We get a lot of flowers donated to us after events like weddings, so taking those flowers and making them into arrangements for the Hospice is part of my role. I also make sure flowers that have been brought in to the Hospice are kept in fresh water ready for the other flower team members to organise for the wards.

“If you visit the Hospice, you’ll see my arrangements at the main reception desk, the wards receptions, in the family lounges and kitchen areas, quiet rooms and in day hospice too.”

Flowers are a really important part of the Hospice décor, as June says: “Flowers bring a sense of peace and beauty, and the arrangements brighten up all the areas where people can see them. We get a lot of compliments and positive feedback about the flowers from visitors, patients and staff.”

After June finishes her shift, there’s always time for a brew and a natter with the other volunteers in the Iona Café!

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