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Maureen McIntyre is a volunteer in the Iona Café and in Day Services

After reIMG_6461tiring in 2013 after 47 years of working in the NHS, Maureen found that she really missed meeting patients and families. Maureen had always wanted to work at St Columba’s Hospice so she applied to be a volunteer. Joining the Hospice in our temporary location at Kirklands­ House, Maureen’s role on the wards was to provide fresh water for patients and changing locker bags.

Maureen said: “I found this role very rewarding so when the Hospice moved back to the new site at Boswall Road, I was keen to continue volunteering, in fact, I enjoyed it so much I asked to do extra shifts!”

A vacancy had recently become available in the Iona Café and Maureen jumped at the chance. “Having never worked in a café I was a little unsure how I would manage, however, my concerns were totally unfounded. I was teamed up with another volunteer to show me the ropes and I have never looked back!”

“Working in the Iona Café has provided me with the opportunity to work with a lovely group of volunteers and a chance to chat with patients, visitors and staff. The patients and relatives can find the café a lovely alternative to the wards,
many enjoy a chat whilst other prefer to sit quietly on their own to relax and perhaps reflect”.

Maureen is also helping as a volunteer in the day services, which involves meeting patients who are coming in weekly from their own homes. The volunteers chat with the patients, provide drinks and serve lunch.

Maureen said: “I feel very fortunate to be a part of this caring organisation and although it may only be for a few hours fortnight, I know from comments from the patients and their families that our input can really make a difference in someone’s day.”

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