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Inpatient Unit

Our 30 bed inpatient unit is for patients who need to stay at the Hospice for their care. Find out more about our Inpatient Unit.

Community Team

Our Community Team is made up of our day services, community specialist nurses and outpatient services. Day services are open during the week for nurse-led specialist care for patients who are able to travel from their home to the Hospice. The community specialist nurses visit patients across Edinburgh and the Lothians in their own homes to ensure they have the specialist care they need. The outpatient services are for people to have specialist care appointments with our doctors and supportive care team. Find out more about all these services.

Supportive Care Team

Our multi-disciplinary team is a mix of professionals who cover counselling, physiotherapy, chaplaincy, occupational therapy, social work and complementary therapy. Find out more about the team.