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Becky Chaddock joins the team and introduces how the Supportive Care Team help patients and families

In May, Becky Chaddock joined the Hospice team as the Head of Supportive Care. Here, Becky introduces herself and tells us about how she will be helping the Hospice to develop…

Becky Chaddock“I started as Head of Supportive Care on 3 May – so I still feel very new! I’m a social worker by background, and have had all kinds of jobs – all of which were a good training ground for social work where you need to be able to cope with whatever is thrown at you!

I’ve come from Eden Valley Hospice in Carlisle where I worked for nine years. I was a social worker, part of the Family Support Team at the Hospice.

I am a big advocate of the importance of palliative care for all. Looking after someone as they approach the end of their life is costly, it takes courage, thought and time. Done well it can be life changing; not just for the person who is dying, but also for the people surrounding them, and those looking after them.

In palliative care, we seek to consider ‘whole people’ and not only treat the physical symptoms. We look at the impact of what’s happening to people emotionally, spiritually, and their social world as well as the physical disease. This can be profound and often people find that dying well, inevitably means discovering what it means to live well until we die.

My role here at St Columba’s Hospice is a new post which has been established to help meet the objectives set out in Care and Compassion Matters. The Supportive Care Team includes a social worker, chaplain, counsellor, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists. In addition, I’m going to be working with the clinical teams on the wards, in the day hospice and with the community nursing team to help develop our services and widen people’s access to supportive care.

The role of the Supportive Care Team is really to support people to live as they choose, to be where they want to be, to access the resources and services they need so they can live as independently as possible for as long as they can. Part of that might be planning for the future, and getting things in order and ready for whatever might be round the corner. We also help the patient’s support network of family, friends and carers, to support their needs too.

All the plans we’ll be making over the next few months will be designed to widen access to the Hospice’s team and services, to better connect the services we provide, and to add new services. This will mean we will continue to provide the high standard of care to people, and at the same time help more people in more ways.

I’m learning more about St Columba’s Hospice every day and I’m really looking forward to working together with the Supportive Care Team and with our colleagues, patients and families, to build on the hard work that has already been going on. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing each part of the service flourish and grow as we carry on growing and developing within each discipline.”

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