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“I’ve been in here for a week now…it’s made a big difference”

Allen Elder made use of the Hospice’s community nursing team and the inpatient unit. 

allen-2Allen shares his experience of being a patient at St Columba’s Hospice: “In November/December 2014 while I was pulling out a fireplace I thought I’d pulled a muscle. I left it for a week then I went to the doctor, who sent me for a blood test and an x-ray. That’s when they found the scar tissue on my lung. It was very small but then the pain started elsewhere too.

“I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2015. The doctors’ surgery got in contact with the Hospice’s community nursing team and everything sort of stepped into place.

“I met with the Hospice’s Occupational Therapist to organise a specialised bed for my house because I can’t sleep on my back, I’ve got to sit up. The pain is tremendous because there’s a part missing inside the bone so every time I cough the rib bends.

“I can’t fault it now, I’d come back”

“The community nursing team has been coming out once a week and my nurse Mandy had been trying to get me to come into the Hospice for pain management since February, but I kept refusing. I was terrified. I was in the old mind-set that other sick people would be left, right and centre, and dying around me during the night. I’ve been in here for a week now and the single room is great – it’s made a big difference. I can’t fault it now, I’d come back.

“The nurses are very good. I understand my pain better now so it’s more or less under control and they’re doing their best – they’re really, really trying. They’ve set up a care package so I can go home and try that.”

Thank you to Allan and his family for letting us share his experience of the Hospice.

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