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Ed Walker is a volunteer in our Leith Walk and Morningside Road shops

IMG_6394Ed Walker has been a volunteer in the Hospice’s shops for 14 years, having started in the Leith Walk shop in 2002. Ed worked for the house furnishing company Martin & Frost for 42 years, and his boss was Keith Frost, who also happened to be chairman of St Columba’s Hospice Shops Ltd. After many conversations about the Hospice, Ed was talked in to volunteering at one of the shops for a few hours a week. Ed said: “I agreed to become a volunteer, mainly to get some peace from Keith! Now 14 years later I am still here, and have made many friends in the shops. The volunteers have always made me feel very welcome and we are definitely just a group of friends now not colleagues!”

Ed started volunteering in the Leith Walk shop, and then when he was asked to help out one day at the Morningside Road shop he also became a volunteer there too. He now works three days a week in Leith and one day a week in Morningside! Ed’s day-to-day role at both the shops involves meeting people, helping them to find what they are looking for, selling our wares, sorting and organising stock and making sure the shops are lively places.

Ed said: “I spent 42 years as a professional salesman and I take everything I learnt from my career and do the same in the Hospice’s shops. I always call people sir or madam, and love to provide excellent customer service. In the shops, we are at the front line of fundraising for the Hospice, I enjoy my role and I am so glad to be able to do it and to help. I am so thankful to everyone in the Hospice’s shops for making it such an enjoyable experience.”

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