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George McEwan is a volunteer driver.

GeorgeGeorge has been a volunteer with the Hospice since November 2015, joining the Hospice after retiring from his job as a lorry driver, having spent 26 years as a night time driver. Throughout his career, George clocked up almost 2 million miles on the roads!

As a volunteer driver for the Hospice, George’s love of driving is helping our patients to use our services. His role involves going to patients’ homes, having a brew and chatter and bringing them in to the Hospice to use our day services, returning later in the day to pick up the patients and take them home again. Volunteer drivers like George make it really easy for people to benefit from the Hospice’s facilities.

George said: “As a former night-time lorry driver, I am really enjoying meeting new people during the day and getting to know Edinburgh even more! I love helping people, and I would pick patients up every day if they needed it. I love being a volunteer for the Hospice, it helps people and it’s enjoyable for me too.”

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