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St Columba’s Hospice Picture Gallery

At St Columba’s Hospice we are very proud of the relaxing and welcoming environment that we have created.

We have created space for patients, families and visitors to enjoy spending time together, as well as space for quiet reflection, spa-like bathrooms with Jacuzzi baths, a bustling café and bedrooms that offer privacy as well as views on to our gardens.

Take a look at the St Columba’s Hospice picture gallery above to see photos of the building and grounds.

As part of the development of spaces throughout the Hospice, from late 2015 to early 2016 we gave a new look to our inpatient wards, main reception area, ward receptions and day hospice area. Through clever interior design, we also have transformed our ‘old murray room’ into an information hub and our once derelict gatehouse is now a fully furnished and stylish space, ready to welcome patients and families for counselling and family support sessions.

In the gallery of images above, you can see pictures of our patient and family lounges, patient bedrooms, our ward receptions, the children’s play area, the day therapies lounge and consultation rooms, the Information Hub, our counselling rooms, and one of our complementary therapy rooms.

All the decoration has been done in consultation with patients, families, volunteers, staff and expert interior designers – to ensure that the Hospice has a welcoming and homely feel to it.

You can read more about our interior design project, and why it was important for the Hospice to undertake this work here. Dot Partington, the Hospice’s clinical services director, says: “The feedback we have received regarding the inpatient unit has been overwhelmingly positive and we are extremely grateful to all our supporters who have made these changes possible.”