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Light Up A Life to Remember a Loved One this Christmas

Christmas is a very special time of year for many of us, and all the staff and volunteers at the Hospice work extremely hard to make the festive period very special, memorable and enjoyable time for everyone in our care.

Christmas at the Hospice starts with our annual Light Up A Life appeal, when we ask you to dedicate a light on our Tree of Remembrance in memory of someone you have loved.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supports our Light Up A Life appeal, which enables us to provide care and support to the Hospice’s patients and their families throughout the festive period.

Light Up Tree of Remembrance

The Tree of Remembrance

Becky Chaddock, the head of supportive care at the Hospice explains how your donation will help us support patients and families this festive period: “In the supportive care team our aim is to support people to live as they choose, to be where they what to be and access the resources and services that they need when they need them, so they can live as independently as possible for as long as they can. The team covers counselling, chaplaincy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work and our patient and family support assistant. 

“Each part of the team approaches our aim differently, but together we are able to respond to the needs of people across Hospice services with our nursing and medical colleagues. We also look at those surrounding the person too, making sure that everything we do takes account of supporters and family members’ needs as well.

“Every day is special at the Hospice, and over the festive period we’re going to make the most of this special time. All kinds of things are planned – seasonal delights from the facilities teams include mince pies and other festive treats; beautiful decorations; and a lovely Christmas tree in the grounds. This year we’re also arranging carol singing for patients and families and a series of creative workshops for patients, so that they can make a present for someone…or themselves!

“With the evenings drawing in and the busyness of Christmas, it’s comforting to be around those we love. For those of us missing someone who has died, it can be a time for remembering but also a time for celebrating the special times we shared together.”

Hospice Light Up A Life appealLynda Reid and her family (pictured right) will Light Up A Life on the Tree of Remembrance this year, find out why they support the appeal and make it part of their Christmas celebrations.

Our Tree of Remembrance stands proud in Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square Gardens, covered in lights dedicated in memory of those we have loved and lost. We welcome you to join us at the lighting ceremony and see your lights shine bright. There’s something really special about seeing the lights shining out against the dark sky and being together remembering the people they represent.

Please Light Up A Life this year and support us as we continue to support our local community.

Please note that this appeal has now finished. If you would like to find out more about fundraising for St Columba’s Hospice please click here.

If you have a Tribute Fund, and decide to make a dedication for Light Up A Life, the donation will show on your Fund. Find out more about Tribute Funds here.