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St Columba’s Hospice patient who was staying on the Cedar Ward has written about her experience of the Hospice.

Wishing to remain anonymous, the St Columba’s Hospice patient created these as a way to share her story. The patient stayed on the Cedar Ward and enjoyed the view across the courtyard to the Tribute Garden. She was able to enjoy several visits from our complementary therapy team, our counsellors, and our kitchen staff who were guided by the patient on what food she wanted to eat having lost her appetite. 

The patient also received our specialist care from doctors, nurses and auxiliary nursing team. Volunteer florists made stunning arrangements for her bedroom, the domestic staff kept her room clean and tidy, and our hairdresser helped the patient to feel better through relaxing hair treatments.

Thank you to the patient and her family for sharing your experience with the Hospice and our community. 

You can find out about our patient services here.

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St Columba's Hospice patient