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A St Columba’s Hospice Tribute Fund is a very special and personal way for you to help the Hospice continue our care as you remember your loved one and raise funds in their name.

How your Tribute Fund will help the Hospice tribute fund create

Your Tribute Fund will enable us to continue providing care to other families who need our help – paying salaries for the nurses, doctors and health professionals in the wards; for our community nurses who visit patients at home; and our Day Hospice and Outpatient services. It will help us pay for the drugs that relieve pain and the hand prepared meals our patients look forward to. It will help us to pay for our counselling services and the spiritual and psychological care we provide – in short your fund will ensure that the highest standards of care continue to be available for those who need it at the most challenging of times.

How you can help your Tribute Fund to grow visit SCH tribute fund

Once you have opened your Tribute Fund you can invite friends, family and colleagues to join. The Fund can provide a way for you, and your friends and family, to share your thoughts and memories about your loved one. It is a way to celebrate the life of someone you love whilst doing something positive to ensure the care they received will be available for others who need it.

There are so many ways to help your Tribute Fund grow. Some people choose to make a regular donation by direct debit. Others prefer to fundraise by organising a coffee morning or a music night.  And the very athletic may choose to run a marathon or take part in the Hospice’s Celtic Challenge! Others like to donate on a birthday or anniversary. How you choose to honour your loved one is a very personal decision, and we are here to offer advice and support in any way we can.

How to set up a Tribute Fund

You can set up an online fund page where you can mark important dates, share special memories and upload photos – and you can share your page with your friends and family, inviting them to join you in remembering. If you would prefer for your Tribute Fund to be offline, please email us or call 0131 551 1381.

Whichever way you choose to open your Tribute Fund, the process is very straightforward and we will send you everything you need. Also, we are here to provide advice and support on how to get the most out of your Fund.

Once the Tribute Fund is opened, anyone can support it in whatever way they choose.

Our Tribute Garden

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We have created a Tribute Garden of 800 ceramic forget-me-nots in the Hospice courtyard. On the occasion of your first Tribute Fund gift we will dedicate a leaf on one of the flowers bearing your loved one’s name. This leaf will be yours to keep and so even if you close your fund, we will send you the leaf as a keepsake. Please do come and visit our Tribute Garden. Read more about our Tribute Garden.


Read Fay’s Story and Karen’s Story

Fay & Robert2“Although our family will always have our memories and treasured photographs, a Tribute Fund will give us something tangible to remember Robert by and honour his memory. It will also be very meaningful for us to support the Hospice in Robert’s memory.” Read more of Fay’s story here.



karen“When we visited the Hospice my Mum, Dad and I were all struck by the location, the grounds, the bedrooms and the sense of calmness throughout the whole Hospice. The difference between the Hospice and the hospital was profound. The Hospice didn’t feel clinical and from day one the staff, volunteers and everyone we met was upbeat, helpful, understanding and caring.” Read the rest of Karen’s story here.


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